About Us

Concentrated? You mean, like Orange Juice?


We know. You've never heard of a concentrated salad dressing. We didn't either! So we made one....well 10.

As lifetime athletes we struggled with finding a dressing that had minimal ingredients, was low in salt and still tasted good!


THIS is what we usually ran into. Lots of salt, lots of sugar, lots of preservatives. TONS of fat. Plus other stuff that we couldn't even pronounce!

So we decided to go back to the basics. All of our dressings have 5-6 ingredients MAX. We tossed the salt, tossed the preservatives, most of the oil and lowered the sugar content. 

What you're left with is some of the most delicious dressings you'll ever taste! By removing the junk, you're left with full-bodied, unadulterated flavor that shocks your taste buds back to life.

How do you use them you ask? Just like you would a balsamic, use as is or mix with oil in equal parts!

Dress with Confidence. You'll be glad you did.



Great for salads and marinating, but did you know you can also use it on pizza?! 


- The Owners