What is concentrated dressing?

Our dressings are packed with so much flavor that you don't need to use much at all! In our 8oz bottles, you get up to 40 servings. In our 5oz bottles you get up to 25 servings. So there's plenty inside for all your salad needs!  You can use as is or dilute the dressing (even parts) with an oil.  This would be a similar process like using a balsamic vinegar. 

Since these dressings are concentrated, do I have to mix them with anything?

Yes and no. Depends all on your taste. You can use them straight out the bottle (we suggest half a tablespoon). Drizzle and toss your salad and you're good to go! If you like more dressing, you can stretch them out in a 1:1 ratio with your favorite oil!

Why do they taste sweet?

The dressings will taste sweeter than they actually are because the vinegar pops the flavors.  We have chosen to not put salt in our product which usually balances the sweet and savory make up of a dressing.  In this case when you do drizzle the dressing on your salad you will get a balanced flavor.  Also diluting with oil is a great suggestion as well.  Lastly, we use real fruit so most of the sweetness comes from the fruit its self.

Are all your dressings really gluten-free?

Yes, of course! There's no gluten whatsoever in any of our dressings! 

I'm a vegan, is there any dairy or animal products in these?

None at all, our dressings are vegan so they're perfect for anyone that wants to avoid animal products.

What about the fat content?

We use very little oil in each of our dressings so per serving, the fat content is pretty much negligible. Also, we use 100% organic sunflower oil in each of our dressings so the fat is good for you!

When should I place these dressings in the refrigerator?

To maximize shelf life, keep your dressings in the refrigerator after opening.  In the fridge they last up to four years! Our dressings are shelf stable, so they'll be fine until you open them.

Why has my dressing separated?

Since we're dedicated to creating the healthiest product possible, we don't use any chemical emulsifiers in the finished product. This results in separation when the dressing sits. To ensure the best experience with our dressings, shake side to side before each use!

Can these dressings be used as marinades?

Yes, they can. But we suggest to use them as finishing sauces for the best results. To maintain maximum flavors, use within the last few minutes of the cooking process.

Am I able to order wholesale?

Yes! Email us and we'll send you the details right away!

Any other questions?

Any questions not covered in this FAQ can be forwarded to!



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