Tasty Tuesday!

Crispy Chickpeas! This quick treat is great as a snack on it own, or as a salad topping! This one features our Salsa Mix! Enjoy!
Quick Edamame Crunch! This easy dish features our Coconut Ginger, edamame, and crunchy carrots! Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday #150!

Greek Couscous Bowl! This is the perfect dish post-holiday! This bowl features crisp cucumbers, salty olives + feta, and is rounded out with our Lemon Garlic Pepper!
Tasty Tuesday #149! Tired of the same sides with your tacos? Let's switch it up with a Twice-Baked Mexican Potato! This one features our salsa mix! Enjoy!
#148! This week's Mexican Corn is perfect for Taco Tuesday! Toasted corn, creamy mayo, our tangy Avocado Cilantro Lime and flavorful salsa mix combine to steal the show!
Tasty Tuesday #147!

Let's do a breakfast dish! This hash is sure to please! Featuring crispy potatoes, peppers and our zesty salsa mix! Enjoy!
After Thanksgiving let's switch it up with some lighter fare. This week's dish is an Avocado Crunch Salad! It features creamy Avocado, black beans and crispy fried onions! This one features our Avocado Cilantro Lime!
Light Leftover Salad! Turn those Thanksgiving leftovers into something amazing with this salad! Featuring, juicy turkey, cornbread croutons and our famous Orange Sage!
Tasty Tuesday #144! Pear Caesar Salad! This great fall salad features sweet pears, sharp parmesan and our very popular Raspberry Oregano, Enjoy!
Roasted Parmesan Acorn Squash! This perfect fall dish features tasty parmesan, nutty acorn squash and our superb Lemon Garlic Pepper! Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday #142! Stuffed Honeynut Squash! This one features hearty quinoa, earthy mushrooms and our amazing Rosemary Garlic dressing! Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday #141! Avocado Toast is brought to new heights by our Watermelon Basil! Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday #140!

With Autumn comes pear season! This week's dish is a Pear + Pecan Salad! Featuring sweet pears, sharp blue cheese and our Raspberry Oregano! Enjoy!
Air Fried Brussels Sprouts
Need a new side?! Try these Air Fried Brussels Sprouts in Tasty Tuesday #139!
Veggies too boring and need a little spice? Try our recipe for Veggie Hummus Dip! This is Tasty Tuesday #138, featuring our Lemon Garlic Pepper! Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday #137!

This weeks dish is a Butternut Squash Flatbread Pizza! Featuring sweet butternut squash and mozzarella cheese, this pizza is topped with our amazing Lemon Garlic Pepper!
Tasty Tuesday #136!

This weeks dish is a September Kale Salad! This one features crisp juicy fall apples, savory bacon and earthy goat cheese! It's topped off with our Apple Dill! Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday 135! Quick Tex Mex salad featuring Chipotle Lime!
Tasty Tuesday #134! Quick Rainbow Slaw! Featuring lots of crunch along with salty bacon, this quick dish is sure to please. It's topped with our Orange Sage. Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday #132!

This weeks dish is a Quick Yogurt Dip! Just in time for apple season, this one features our Apple Dill! Enjoy!
Tasty Tuesday #131! Elotes! This dish tasty dish is perfect to eat all year round. With juicy sweet corn, plus our Salsa Mix and Chipotle Lime dressing, you can't go wrong!